About Us

MySugardaddy is Europe’s leading sugar dating platform for men and women who want to enjoy the exclusive lifestyle as a couple. Here successful men and ambitious women meet, who are looking for unique world-class experiences. In this way, MSD combines online dating with a lifestyle at the highest level. 

Members have access to unparalleled lifestyle experiences via the website or the app, they can meet interesting, new people. M|SD now has over 7 million members worldwide.

From pioneer to global market leader

When MySugardaddy opened its online platform for Germany in 2010, the topic of sugar dating was still unknown in Europe. The company recognized the American trend and saw the potential to make it popular in this country as well. This idea helped this up-and-coming company to become the European leader in the field in the coming years. 

MySugardaddy managed to establish the term sugardaddy in Germany. Thus the interest and demand for this new, innovative way of dating increased. After its initial entry into the other European markets was more than successful, MySugardaddy finally ventured into North and South America. There, the dating portal was also able to quickly increase its number of registrations.

our Mission

It is our drive to create something incomparable in terms of content, technology and communication in order to bring together people with high expectations in life. 

It is our sole purpose to build M|SD as a transparent platform: fair prices and contract terms, clear rules and strict controls make acting on our platform safe, trustworthy and an indispensable part of an enjoyable life.

OUR Stance

With the size and success of M|SD comes a great responsibility to its members. M|SD takes this responsibility very seriously. It is about ensuring that members associate pleasant experiences with M|SD that meet their expectations and receive help whenever they need it. Because we want to bring people together and are convinced: Getting to know each other, having new experiences, and experiencing moments together are human needs that enrich life. But whenever people come together, it also offers opportunities for conflicts. We rely on trust as the foundation for good relationships – within the community and between us and our members. However, trust also requires rules and clear consequences when the rules are not followed – so that trust is not exploited.

Together with our members, we take action against misconduct, fraud, and abuse on the platform. What have we done so far? Since our foundation in 2010, we have agreed on terms of use that are intended to restrict abuse and show clear consequences: Those who do not comply with the rules of respectful interaction and who do not accept our terms are warned and, if necessary, blocked. We refuse to provide a platform for such people. With various system-specific checks, an internal reporting system, and our dedicated employees, we ensure safe online dating within the community.

our Philosophy

This is what we stand for:

Fairness is our essential cornerstone in this business. As a fair dating platform, we have designed our cancellation conditions to be particularly customer-friendly. Furthermore, we offer our members fairness within the framework of the M|SD credit back guarantee. We are the first and only platform in the world to offer this exclusive feature.

Based on the Big Data of a 10-year company history, we are constantly working on the further development of all security standards in order to offer our members the best possible protection. We treat all data confidentially, according to strict and consistent guidelines. We do not and will not share it with third parties. With various system-side controls, an internal reporting system as well as various checks, we ensure safe online dating within the community.

Trust is the basis of all relationships – this also applies to our customer relationships. We neither use nor commission fake profiles. In addition, we assure that no controllers organized by us are used. The high internal and automatic checks of the community ensure trustworthy use. Furthermore, we take action together with our members against any misuse of the platform. 


M|SD is international: Our platform is offered worldwide in six different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. This allows people from all over the world to get to know each other – across language and national borders. 

We too, live internationality: In a multicultural team, we offer our customers the best possible service in their respective national language to provide them with breathtaking experiences. The unique customer experience, which can only be experienced at M|SD. This is a major focus of our work.

Dates and facts

Gender ratio

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since June 2010
Number of members:
7.03 million
(as of June 2023)
Managing directors:
Thorsten Engelmann, Philip Cappelletti

Press contact

Laura Gerling
+ 49 23 1 99 76 64 54


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